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You know, they say that the adult industry makes more money than the NFL, MLB and NBA combined. I cannot even grasp the concept of how big that is, to be honest. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry.

One of the well known names in the adult entertainment industry is Brazzers. They started business a little over a decade ago, and has grown into a behemoth. Of course, they’ve been bought and sold several times, but they have grown by some interesting marketing strategies.

First, let me give you a little story about some well known tube sites. Yes, you’ve heard of redtube, pornhub and many others. If you type in any type of nasty adult word in Google, you’ll come across some of these tube sites offering curious onlookers a chance to view some dirty porn. Did you know that they are some of the most viewed websites in the world? Did you know that they are all owned by the same company? Crazy, right?

These tube sites pretty much own the world of adult porn on the internet. If you Google, Amateur DP, you’ll see only tube sites come up in your search. You don’t think anything of it. But did you know that these tube sites also own some of the largest paid sites on the internet? Yep, they even own

So, you may ask yourself, ‘who would pay for porn, when it’s free’? Good question. Most people have some sort of desire that can’t quite be fulfilled with a free tube site. Also, they like to watch their porn in HD. So it basically comes down to quality and niche. Both of which are not provided in great service at a free tube site.

The company that owns these tube sites and paid sites is, MindGeek. They’re a pretty large corporation. So if anyone thought that good porn sites are run by two guys in the back of their garage should think twice. When billions of dollars are at stake, you have to understand that corporation is behind the scenes.

Pretty interesting stuff, huh? Well I like watching porn, and I even pay for porn. And since Brazzers is one of my favorite sites I wanted to share with you a site that offers a really good discount to their membership area. At, you’ll get your savings down to $7.95 a month. If you compare that to full priced month membership rate, you’re looking at a savings of 75%.

Enjoy… and happy porn watching. :)

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